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Excursion Jyväskylä

Thursday April 11th to Friday April 12th


Metsä Group’s Äänekoski Bioproduct Mill
Suzano Finland Textile Mfc Plant

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Join in for an excursion to Jyväskylä region in Central Finland

The excursion includes three company visits and an overnight stay in Jyväskylä. There is a limited number of seats to excursions, so make your booking well in advance!


Date and time: Thursday April 11th, 15:30 – Friday April 12th, 20:30
Place: Jyväskylä region in Central Finland
Price: €250 (+VAT)


Travel time to Jyväskylä is approximately 4 hours with breaks. Departure from Messukeskus on April 11th at 15:30 and overnighting in Jyväskylä. Three company visits on April 12th between 8:00–16:00, and arriving back to Helsinki around at 20:30.

Please note that the competition law -related limitations will be addressed and organizers reserve the right to alter the contents of the company visits.

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Company visit 1:

Metsä Group’s Äänekoski Bioproduct Mill

You will learn about Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill, and its new generation concept. At the end of the presentations there will be an opportunity to explore Pro Nemus visitor centre, which provides an experimental cross-section of Metsä Group’s operations, products and the opportunities offered by the bioeconomy. The tour of the bioproduct mill site is done by bus.

Photo: Metsä Group

Company visit 2:

Suzano Finland Textile MFC Plant Jyväskylä

Suzano is the world’s largest producer of hardwood pulp and one of Latin America’s largest paper and packaging producers. Suzano Finland receives wood pulp from Suzano SA and turns it into micro fibrillated cellulose (mfc), which is then used as the raw material by Woodpsin (a joint venture between Suzano and Spinnova) for the manufacture of wood-based SPINNOVA® fiber.

Company visit 3:

VTT Jyväskylä

VTT is one of the leading applied research organisations in Europe. At VTT Jyväskylä, we improve the resource efficiency by higher material performance and reduce CO2 emissions by replacing fossil raw materials with bio-based raw materials. We also work to increase the energy efficiency in industrial processes.

Aisti harnesses the power of nature to produce carbon-cutting acoustic tiles that are safe and sound for people and the environment.