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Writings on topical issues in the chemistry, process industry and wood processing industries

Welcome to Pulp & Beyond event’s blog. The writings on the blog discuss the topical issues in the chemistry, process industry and wood processing industries. Writers are industries’ professionals.

Text: Sari Saavalainen, Product Safety and Sustainability Engineer / Metsä Spring​, Tarja Heikkilä, Product Manager / Metsä Spring

The Circular Economic Action Plan considers the food packaging industry as one of the critical sectors that are resource-intensive and have a high potential for circularity. Circular economy solutions provide significant positive environmental impacts. Novel, sustainable and bio-based Muoto™ products help protect the environment as they replace fossil-based alternatives. Using wood-based packaging materials is a major step towards carbon neutrality and circular economy. Read more

Text: Jonas Lindqvist / ABB

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to cut CO2 emissions is to improve the energy efficiency? 45% of the world’s electricity is used to power electric motors in building and industrial applications. It has been estimated that if all of more than 300 million industrial electric motor-driven systems currently in operation were replaced with optimized, high-efficiency equipment, global electricity consumption could be reduced by up to 10 percent. Read more
Finding more sustainable solutions for the polyester and polyurethane used in the fashion industry has been a challenge. A new fleece jacket made of polyester from partially renewable feedstock shows that replacing part of the oil-based materials with wood-based ingredients in polyester manufacturing is possible. Read more

Text by Banmark

The global economy and industrial landscape are undergoing constant change due to factors like supply and demand, political regulations, and emerging trends. Recently, sustainability has become a significant focus in the process industry, driving it into a new era. Read more
Innovation is the lifeblood of progress, and in today’s dynamic landscape, collaboration emerges as the cornerstone of transformative change. At Sulzer, a leading player in the industrial sector, collaboration is a deep part of our DNA. In this blog post, Sirpa Välimaa, Head of Business Segment PPI at Sulzer, delves into the critical role of collaboration in fostering innovation and driving sustainable development. Read more

Interview with Valmet experts

Improving mill production in both cost reduction and quality control is often compartmental. Tuning individual subprocesses helps, but taking a mill-wide view of optimization shows the true potential. Read more