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Pulp & Beyond Conference

Tuesday April 9

Pulp & Beyond Conference is an essential part of the Pulp & Beyond event. The conference provides state-of-the-art industry insights and knowledge you won’t get anywhere else – take part in the industry-changing discussions with the key players around the globe!

The conference offers high-level presentations in three different tracks, each with its own theme. Each track will feature four or three presentations from three different perspectives or themes.  You can choose to take part in one individual track or get full access to all three, the choice is yours!


The tracks are as follows:

Innovative Wood-Based Products (Track 1) Carbon Zero Future Mills (Track 2) International Control Systems Conference 2024 (Track 3)


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The conference opening

The conference opening will highlight the forest industry contributing on global responsibility.

Andre Noël Chaker

08:45 Opening words by the moderator

Michael Carus, Founder and Managing Director, Nova Institute

08:50 The role of wood in the renewable carbon concept

Tiina Pursula, SVP Sustainability, Division Packaging Materials, Stora Enso

09:05 Forest company perspective on responsibility – case Stora Enso

Lyndsey Parette, Nordic Environmental Sustainability Manager, Nestlé, Nespresso

09:20 Brand owner company perspective in global responsibility and forest industry’s role there

Highlights of the conference’s top speakers!

Track 1: Innovative Wood-Based Products

Theme 1

New cellulose-based textiles changing the fashion business

The “New Cellulose-based Textiles Changing the Fashion Business” theme explores the challenges, opportunities and the future of cellulose-based textile fibers, how consumers perceive the differences between wood fibers versus recycled plastic, the case TreeToTextile on new biodegradable fibers with responsible resource stewardship, and projects for developing new textile products with partners.

Chair: Marja-Liisa Niinikoski, CEO, Suomen Tekstiili ja Muoti ry

10:30 Opening words by the moderator

Aspi Patel, Group Chief Technology Officer – ABG, CEO, Aditya Birla Science and Technology Company

10:35 Challenges, opportunities and the future of cellulosic textile fibers

Olli Ylä-Jarkko, CTO, TreeToTextile

11:15 A new bio-based fiber with responsible resource stewardship – case TreeToTextile

Theme 2

Creating new innovative bioproducts from wood and process side streams

The theme “Creating New Innovative Bioproducts from Wood and Process Side Streams” discusses wood as a versatile raw material bank with vast opportunities, long-term lignin application development, sustainable battery materials from lignin, and microfibrillated cellulose.

Chair: Tekla Tammelin, Research Professor, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

13:30 Opening words by the moderator

Orlando Rojas, PhD, Professor, The University of British Columbia; Canada Excellence Research Chair and Scientific Director, Bioproducts Institute

13:35 Wood as versatile raw material bank with vast opportunities

Heloisa Ramires, R&D Executive Manager, Suzano

14:35 Creating innovation from microfibrillated cellulose – case Suzano

Theme 3

Solving global challenges with renewable packaging materials and barrier products

The theme “Solving Global Challenges with Renewable Packaging Materials and Barrier Products” covers the future of packaging in light of EU PPWR, developing sustainable cushioning product innovations with foam-laid forming technology, the re-thinking of paper packaging, and the latest developments in cellulose-based food packaging.

Chair: Martti Toivakka, Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Laboratory of Natural Materials Technology, Åbo Akademi

15:30 Opening words by the moderator

Gustavo Duarte, Manager Competence Center Functional Papers Solutions, Sappi Europe

16:15 Re-thinking paper packaging with customers: recycling vs sustainable

Pr. Julien Bras, Cellulose Valley chair holder, Grenoble INP Pagora – LGP2

16:35 Latest developments in Cellulose Valley for cellulose-based food packaging products

Track 2: Carbon Zero Future Mills

Theme 1

Breakthrough energy solutions in forest industry

Under the theme “Breakthrough Energy Solutions in the Forest Industry,” topics include hydrogen as gamechanger in energy markets, the case of Kemi bioproduct mill – how to take steps toward fossil-free pulp mills, breakthrough energy solutions in the forest industry, and improving energy efficiency through digitalization as well as the future of electrification of European industries and its implications on the forest industry.

Chair: Pirita Mikkanen,  Vice President, Energy, Metsä Group

10:30 Opening words by the moderator

Simo Säynevirta, Head of ABB Green Electrification ecosystem, Chair of Hydrogen Cluster Finland

10:35 Hydrogen as gamechanger in energy markets – what will change in forest industry?

Matti Toivonen, Vice President of Technology, Metsä Fibre

10:55 How to take steps towards fossil-free pulp mills – case Kemi bioproduct mill

Theme 2

On the path towards world-class process safety

The theme “On the Path Towards World-Class Process Safety” includes discussions on the implementation of process safety management systems from the mill perspective, process safety and production of chemicals, optimizing the mill site development by fitting new processes into old mill sites, and the developing of world-class process safety and enhanced energy efficiency with digitalization.

Mika Ristimäki, Area Director, Process Safety, Pulp Competency Center, Stora Enso

13:35 Implementation of Process Safety Management system – Case example from mill perspective

Jaakko Nousiainen, Technology Director, UPM Biofuels

13:55 Process safety and production of chemicals – best practices

Theme 3

Developing material efficiency in future carbon zero mills

The theme “Developing Material Efficiency in Future Carbon Zero Mills” highlights stepping into a new level in smart material usage with the Emission Free Pulping project, carbon zero future for pulp, paper, and board, smart utilization of carbon dioxide at pulp mills, and radical reduction of water usage in pulp making.

Chair: Eeva Punta, Bioeconomy Lead, Sweco

15:30 Opening words by the moderator

Atte Virtanen, Vice President, Biomaterial processing and products, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

15:35 Emission Free Pulping Program – Maximize product yield, avoid emissions (especially CO2)

Petri Vasara, Dr. Tech., Vice President, AFRY

15:55 The road to a carbon zero future for pulp, paper and board

Track 3: International Control Systems Conference 2024

As part of the Pulp & Beyond Conference 2024 is the International Control System Conference 2024, which focuses on international control systems through three themes: Pulp Mill Modelling and Control, Advances in Quality Control Systems Millwide Applications for the Future.

Theme 1

Pulp mill modelling and control

Jari Käyhkö, XAMK University of Applied Sciences

11:35 Using modelling to understand and improve mill oxygen delignification processes

Theme 2

Advances in quality control systems

Michael O’Hora, ABB

14:30 High-speed, Continuous, and High-Performance Scanning-Infrared measurements of Process Moisture and Temperature for In-Line control of Paper Manufacturing Processes

Theme 3

Millwide applications for the future

Heikki Hannukainen, Toihan

16:30 The Role of Computer Vision Analysis in Improving Biosludge Quality and Effluent Treatment Performance in Pulp and Paper Industry

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