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Participation Package Info


Information for Participation Package Holder

You have reserved a participation package for the Pulp & Beyond event.

For participation package’s ready-made booth you can easily bring your own easily manageable products and marketing materials.

It is possible to make small changes to the participation package. The overall look of the event and the goals of the booth setups aim to be equal and consistent. If changes are made to the original booth package, the perspective of responsibility must also be taken into account.

Check your invoicing details: Check your invoicing details on the order confirmation and send any comments to by 5 February 2024. Please note that changes made to the invoicing details after the invoice has been issued are subject to an additional charge. eMessukeskus:

Register co-exhibitors: Register co-exhibitors participating in your joint stand through eMessukeskus (section Co-exhibitors) at the latest on 25 February 2024 and ensure their visibility in the event info. Co-exhibitors will be granted their own company-specific account and ID to use eMessukeskus:

Co-exhibitors will be charged a registration fee according to the event-specific participation conditions. The registration fee for co-exhibitors for this event is 440 € + VAT.

Principals can be registered free of charge.

Construction schedule: The booths will be completed by 12 noon on Tuesday 9 April 2024.  Please check the construction schedules and entrances:

NEW Pulp & Beyond Platform: We will provide more information about the event platform starting from January 2024. The new event platform includes your company profile, your personal profile and management to your access passes. With the platform you can invite your colleagues and employees to the platform and invite visitors to the event.

Participation Package – Booth

Deadline for orders is February 25, 2024 – including carpets and graphics etc.

The booth package includes storage, lighting, an electrical outlet 16A 230V 3.6 kW with electricity consumption, and booth cleaning. The electrical outlet is ready in the back corner of the booth.

Carpet: Choose the color of the carpet. The booth package includes a recyclable carpet (blue, red, green oe dark gray). Please specify the color of the carpet you want. If no notification is received by 25 February 2024 the carpet color will automatically be dark gray.  Send your choice to at the latest by 25 February 2024.

Order products and services: From eMessukeskus (, it is possible to order furniture, counters, a beer tap, fridge, or even extra cleaning services for the booth.

We offer various tables and counter surfaces where you can display your products. Attaching items to the booth wall is not allowed.

If you have any further questions and for confirmations and additional orders please contact us by 25 February 2024, You can also do the additional order from eMessukeskus.

Package Specific Instructions

Small Medium LargeMain Partner

Participation Package – Small 4 sqm


Participation Package – Medium 12 sqm


Participation Package – Large 20 sqm



  • Possibility to have products in Showroom, the product display area (max 5 sqm)
    • Please inform us with this form by February 25, 2024

Participation Package – Main Partner 40 sqm 



  • Promotion (listed as main partner, logo): Event website, Event guide, Digital screens in the venue and Program stages



  • Expert article / Blog at the event website and marketing material and blog text part of event’s visitor letter.
    • Submit the finalized text with images no later than 15 February, 2024, to, with the subject: Blog text Pulp & Beyond.”




  • Invitation service. The organizer will invite 50 customers personally
    • A contact list of invited individuals should be provided to us in advance, and you will receive further details closer to the event.
    • Contact will be made between March 18 and March 28, 2024.
    • Please inform us in advance if you wish to utilize this service by 15 February 2024, to with the subject: Pulp & Beyond invitation service


  • Possibility to have products in Showroom, the product display area (max 10 sqm)
    • Please inform us with this form by February 25, 2024

Contact us

Hanna Mårtensson

Sales Manager
+358 40 565 1433

FAQ – Answers

  • The model of the stand is like in the picture, wall height 2.5m (max).
  • The staircase wall is always on the right side of the booth.
  • You can find a location map of your booth at eMessukeskus.
  • If necessary, the location of the screen can be moved on the wall. Send the information to:
  • Products can be presented at the stand.
  • Nothing can be attached directly to the wall, but if necessary, it is possible to hang light products with hooks.
  • The storage room is empty. If you need a coat rack, mirror, refrigerator+24h plug, etc., these must be ordered through eMessukeskus.
  • If furniture is left out, it will not be refunded. For additional orders; e.g. information desk, etc. furniture, water and sewage, beer tap and booth services go to eMessukeskus.
  • Electric plug in front of the back wall on the floor.
  • Behind the screen is a cable to the rear storage, where you can place the computer.
  • We offer graphics for €150/m2. If you need help with your graphics we are happy to help! (ask for a quote Hanna Mårtensson:
  • The graphic is printed on a recyclable, sturdy board made of cardboard and installed in the department as a surface installation. The profile structures do not remain visible under the graphics.
  • The customer delivers the print-ready material according to the instructions. The trade fair handles the printing and installation/disassembly of the graphics.
  • Plenty of self-service drop-in meeting places in the exhibition area. Meeting rooms for rent Messukeskus Events & Congresses:
  • Company presentation at Speakers Corner or Co-creation area 20 min. Find more detailed info here: Speaker’s Corner Info. Please provide the details by 15 February 2024, at the latest, to
  • Possibility to have products in Showroom, the product display area (max 10 sqm). Please inform us with this form by February 25, 2023
  • Advertising spots and sponsorship packages, ask for an offer from Hanna Mårtensson: