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Information for the attendees of the Pulp & Beyond Beach party

It’s time for sandy beach, beach volleyball, good music and warmth! There are a few things to consider when starting the early summer at Pulp & Beyond Beach party. See the information below!

Beach Party time: 18:30–23:00


Enjoy the warmth and sand in the +26°C indoor summer concept at Biitsi Pasila with your colleagues worldwide! You can read more about the party location Biitsi here >>

+26 degrees, how can it be sustainable?​
  • Hydronic underfloor heating under the sand​
  • Carbon dioxide sensors regulating temperatures based on the number of people​
  • Led lighting​
  • Maximum energy efficiency​
Why are we using plastic cups at the Beach Party?​
  • Glass is dangerous if it is shattered in a sandy surface​
  • Washing reusable plastic cups consumes as much energy as washing glass cups​
  • The plastic is recycled after use​


  • Biitsi Pasila is located right next to The Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, in Mall of Tripla​
  • Next to the exterior entrance of Sokos Hotel Tripla, you will find an elevator with ”DOWN UNDER” signs.​



  • Next to the exterior entrance of Sokos Hotel Tripla, you will find an elevator with ”DOWN UNDER” signs.
  • Go to floor P4 and go through the door on the left.
  • Follow the signs to Biitsi and walk down the stairs past the Surf House and you will arrive to Biitsi.




If you are in the shopping center, follow the ”DOWN UNDER” signs. They will lead you to the yellow elevator. Take the yellow elevator to floor P4 and follow the signs to Biitsi.



The dress code is casual, so take your t-shirt and shorts with you. If you don’t want to be barefoot, remember to pack up sandals. Outdoor shoes are forbidden.
There will be changing rooms where you can change and a free guarded cloakroom where you can leave your clothes and shoes.


  • DJ music
  • Magician with card tricks
  • Finnish Saunas open
  • Bar (your ticket includes a welcoming drink + 2 drink coupons)
  • Possibility to play: Beach volleyball, Mölkky, Corn hole, Giant Tumbling Tower and Beer Pong


  • 6.30 pm – 7 pm Welcoming drinks
  • 7 pm – 7.15 pm Welcoming speech + practical info by Biitsi
  • 7.15 pm – 9 pm Buffet dinner at your own pace + networking, games, saunas etc.
  • 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm Miika Korkatti performing magic tricks + networking, games, saunas etc.
  • 11 pm Event ends

Welcome to the Pulp & Beyond 2024 Beach Party!