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Driving Industry Innovation Through Collaboration: Insights from Sulzer

Innovation is the lifeblood of progress, and in today’s dynamic landscape, collaboration emerges as the cornerstone of transformative change. At Sulzer, a leading player in the industrial sector, collaboration is a deep part of our DNA. In this blog post, Sirpa Välimaa, Head of Business Segment PPI at Sulzer, delves into the critical role of collaboration in fostering innovation and driving sustainable development.

Embracing change through collaboration

Change is inevitable, and in the face of uncertainty, the power of collaboration shines brightest. By leveraging a network of expertise, companies can effectively navigate common challenges and catalyze industry-changing solutions.

At Sulzer, cooperation is not just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental principle of our approach to research and development. Through strategic partnerships with companies, academia, and research institutions, we’ve cultivated an ecosystem for expertise-based innovation, for sustainable industry evolution.



The evolution of innovation: past, present, and future

Driving innovation within a large enterprise necessitates dedication from management, coupled with willingness to challenge conventional norms. At Sulzer, we recognize that true innovation stems from open communication and collaboration.

Reflecting on our journey, Sulzer’s legacy of innovation spans over two centuries, exemplified by groundbreaking developments like the AHLSTAR process pumps. Today, our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of products in which decades of industry experience and expertise are concentrated. Looking ahead, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, serving as a technology partner in customer development projects and pioneering solutions for new challenges.


Improving the present, innovating for the future

Innovation is more than revolutionary breakthroughs; it is also about incremental improvements that enhance existing processes. At Sulzer, we continuously invest in optimizing our process equipment, driving advancements in hydraulics, pumps, and turbocompressors as well as digital solutions for monitoring and controlling the equipment. Moreover, we actively explore novel solutions to address evolving industry trends, such as sustainable materials and circular economy.


Fostering creativity in innovation

While the manufacturing industry often relies on structured processes, creativity remains a vital catalyst for innovation. At Sulzer, we blend creative thinking with systematic methodologies to drive progress. Our workshops in process development exemplify this, providing a platform for free-flowing ideation within a structured framework, that results in advancement of complex projects.


Join us on a journey towards innovation-driven growth

Innovation thrives in environments where collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning intersect. At Sulzer, we are committed to driving industry innovation through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge research, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

By embracing change and harnessing the power of collaboration, we shape a brighter, more sustainable future for industries worldwide.

You can find Sirpa and many likeminded Sulzer experts at booth B64 at Pulp & Beyond. Let’s find ways to shape the future together!


Text: Sirpa Välimaa, Head of Business Segment PPI at Sulzer